I’m Back!

Hey guys! Please forgive me for my in-activeness and failure to keep up with the weekly recipes as promised. I’ve been on vacation and relaxing from the cray and stressful year I’ve had before school starts up again in September. Thankfully this time off has allowed me to refocus and given me the strength to continue to create and provide new and improved healthy and delicious recipes for you all to enjoy. For those of you who are interested in seeing daily eats of mine follow me on instagram @bakingwithbri. There you’ll find daily posts on what I’ve been eating and will see firsthand when recipes are up and ready to be checked out. I also have some exciting news: I’m now a brand ambassador for Creative Snacks!! They’re a snack company that provides healthy and organic snack foods including trail mixes, sweet treats, and my personal favorite…granola! They have the most delicious snacks and are a brand you all should definitely try out. Their products can be found at your local Whole Foods. You can check out their products on their website: creativesnacks.com Ideas for using and reviews regarding their products will soon come. I’ll continue to post weekly Thursday recipes starting next week and some surprises will be in store since it’s been a while since I’ve been around. Hope you all are enjoying the glorious summer season that is by far my favorite and one that is chock full of fresh produce.

Happy and healthy eating,



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